Saturday, March 10, 2012

Easter Preview

I love the blog, and the other day they posted this . . . 
I immediately decided that I needed these cute vases in Easter colors to go with my Easter subway art.
So, off to the thrift store I went.  (I must have REALLY liked what she had done, because I even bought the almost exact same vases).  Anyway, the vases cost me all of $2.25. 
 I found some fun spring colors in paints I had at home.  I just used regular acrylic paint.  The trick here is that the paint needs to be thinned just a tad.  If you thin it too much, it doesn't stick, and if it's too thick, it doesn't spread evenly.  Green . . . too thin, yellow . . . too thick, pink . . . just right.  Third time is a charm right.  Just squeeze quite a bit of paint into the vase, and let gravity do most of the work.  Really, all you need to do is tip the vase in the right direction to get the paint where you want it.

Once everything is nicely coated, tip the vases upside down over night to dry.  This will help get rid of excess paint.
 I also got the frame for my subway art at the thrift store for only a dollar.  A coat of primer and a coat of white spray paint took care of it quickly.  Add the painted vases, and all finished!  See previous post for the Easter subway art image.

Easter Subway Art

I looked all over for an easter subway art that highlighted the true meaning of Easter, rather than just peeps, bunnies, etc.  I had no luck in finding one I liked, so I decided to make my own. 

Monday, February 27, 2012

A few weeks ago I made this onesie for my cousin, and decided that it needed something else with it.  I made a pair of shoes for my little girl last summer using a pattern from this brilliant lady . . . Lena.
So, I got online, found Lean's patterns again, and purchased this little shoe pattern and got busy.  Mine don't look quite as nice as hers, but I think they'll still do.  I also used fabric instead of the wool she used because I wanted the frayed edge look on these little cuties.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

New onesies

I know a gazillion people who are prego right now, and I've been going crazy making things for them.  This is a hot pink pair of pants, with hot pink ric rac, and black and white polka dot fabric, but it looks red in the pic.  

And this cute little thing will hopefully look pretty cute with a pair of khaki pants.  I'm also waiting on a pattern to make some cute little matching shoes.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

St. Patty's Day is on the Way

My goal this month:  Get working on more St. Patty decorations!

I had ZERO St. Patty day decorations last year, and decided I needed to be a bit more festive this year.  The pot of gold and shamrock tree was a piece of cake.  Basically the bones were already in place from my valentine heart tree, so I simply changed out the decor with some little things I found at hobby lobby.

 My lucky letters I picked up at wood connection, painted them green, added some paper, chalked the edges, and embellished with stickers and ribbon. The cute hat was also a wood connection piece.  You can't tell to well from the picture, but there is some really fun gold glitter on it!
 I bought this frame at the local thrift store for $2.00, gave it a good painting, added some subway art that I found online, and distressed it a little to match the Lucky letters. The pot of gold I got from Wood Connection, and I just added some fun gold glitter and a little paint to it.
I know this is VERY slim!  So, my goal is to continue to add to the collection.  On the docket . . . a St. Patty's day ribbon topiary, teacher gifts, and who knows what else.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Keep Calm and . . .

Anyone else sick of the keep calm and . . . posters!

Well, I am!  So, tonight I created a new one.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Baby Outfit

My cute cousin is having a baby in June, and I am so excited for her!  I've got a million fun things that I want to make for her, and here is the first of the bunch.  Cross your fingers she'll like it.  I think the tie onesie and the binki clip are fine, it's the baby leggings that have me a little worried.  I guess I'll have to wait and see!